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V is for Vulture

Vultures Near the Creek in Durham, NC

Vultures are not a beautiful song bird or an impressive raptor. Rather, they are scavengers. Often feared and most definitely misunderstood.

I have had the opportunity to observe a turkey vulture community in my neighborhood over the past decade. They make their home here year round and congregate in tall trees and on the large power line towers. They circle the sky looking for food. They gather around creek banks, quenching their thirst or refreshing their feathers. And they flare their wings out to soak up the warmth of the sun.

Vultures function as a community…working together to ensure their wellbeing and survival. Gathering at dusk to share knowledge.

Soaring Effortlessly

These under appreciated creatures are very important to our ecological system….keeping our environment clean in their unique way by eating carrion.

Vulture Wisdom
You remind us to question our assumptions and to uncover unique gifts and qualities.

V is for Vulture
Not a predator. A scavenger.
Gentle, craving communion.
One of earth’s cleaners.
Your unorthodox hygiene is an adaptation for survival.
Under appreciated, yet, regal.
I respect you.
May you soar.
~Stacey Hayes

V Wings

A Few Turkey Vulture Facts
Vultures actually do not build nests and usually lay two eggs per brood.
They have a keen sense of smell.
Vultures can live up to 15 years in the wild.
They use thermal currents to ”float” high in the sky, which requires them to expend minimal energy.
They can be migratory or year round depending on climate.
Although classified as a raptor, they are more related to storks.

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Is there an under appreciated or misunderstood fellow creature that you would like to learn more about? What wisdom may it offer you?