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Peace in Presence & Patterns

Taking a moment on a regular basis to be fully present to the natural world around you will not only fine-tune your observation skills but will foster peace within yourself. This practice can also enhance your connection with and empathy for nature. Extend your practice of witnessing by recording your observations and thoughts visually and through words.

“Finding Peace in Presence & Patterns” is a Soulful Seasons Guide that takes inspiration from mindfulness, which in its simplest form is being attuned to the present moment. This guide is also inspired by phenology—the observation of patterns in nature throughout the seasons of the year.

This is an example of how to make a simple record of observations in nature. I created this during the fall and revisited it a few months later. I was again delighted by what I had witnessed and grateful for the nature around me, especially the dragonfly migration (which I had forgotten about!).

If you would like to explore mindful observation and phenology as a personal practice, learn more about the Soulful Seasons Guide “Finding Peace in Presence & Patterns” below.

By offering our calm presence to nature, we can foster peace within ourselves and deepen our intimacy with the natural world around us. Drawing inspiration from mindfulness and phenology (the study of patterns in nature), this guide walks you through the heart-felt practice of observing, visually recording, and reflecting on your experience in nature.

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