Ode to a Tree

This is the tree that stood so tall,
towering and watchful over all.

This is the tree with a nook and hollow,
Just large enough for two squirrels to wallow.

This is the blanket of ice, sleet and snow…
The earth so moist the roots had to let go.

These are the roots once gripped in the land,
Like fingers stretched out on a human hand.

This is the tree laid on the forest floor.
A reminder of life’s cycles…evermore, evermore.

This is the squirrel home once snug and tight.
It returns to the earth to see new light.

This is the boy, offering his pure love.
May the tree feel the perfect peace of a dove.

This is the tree that will support new life.
May lichen, fungi, and moss have no strife.

This is the tree that we honor and love.
We will visit it often and offer our hugs.