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Wisdom Word

In a word. Cultivate.

January invites us to both reflect and look forward with its freshness and hope. Some people may make resolutions, goals, or set intentions for the coming months. This year I’ve decided to choose a “Wisdom Word” that will root, guide, and inspire me this year as I move through everyday life.

I love language, and there have always been certain words that speak to my heart. Some of these include connect, create, and inspire. Looking back, my life has been guided by these words, especially when I have taken care of myself and had the time and energy to engender connection, creation and inspiration.

In busy times, chaotic times, transition times, or times of grief, these words have taken a back seat. During these seasons, I gave myself the grace to be gentle with myself and focus on only what was needed. But even in those times, connection sustained me.

Connection has always been important to me. Connection with my truest self, having genuine and authentic connections with others, and connecting in an intimate way with the natural world around me. When I am present and open, I see the people, animals, trees and plants for their true nature and feel connected to all.

This year, the word CULTIVATE speaks to me and will be my Wisdom Word. Cultivate is a derivative of the Latin colere “to practice, respect, tend, guard” (Online Etymology Dictionary). Cultivate has several definitions all of which reflect my values.

“to prepare and use for the raising of crops”
“to foster the growth of”
“to improve by labor, care or study”
“further, encourage”
“to seek the society of : make friends with”

Merriam Webster

These meanings inspire me…to cultivate growth in myself, to cultivate curiosity and learning as I homeschool my child, to cultivate deeper relationships with family and friends, to cultivate my desire to honor nature, and to cultivate the Soulful Seasons community.

An Invitation to Choose Your Wisdom Word

Would you like to have a wisdom word this year?

Think of a few words that have special meaning for you. They may be active, descriptive, or a noun.
Invite those words to be present in your heart and mind.
Does one of the words speak more loudly or resonate more harmoniously with you?
Maybe the word chooses you?

You could explore the word more deeply by looking up its defnition or etymology. Or, take a moment to journal about the word and what it may mean in your life. You could also create an image (drawing, collage, or photo) that represents or expresses your Wisdom Word more fully.

Does your Wisdom Word reflect your values?
Does it root you?
Does it guide you?
Does it inspire you?

Your Wisdom Word may guide you for a month, a season, a year, or for a particular life transition.
It need not be limiting or confining….just a gentle guide that is present with you as you move through the days.

Download the Wisdom Word Guide