Mindfulness, Poetry & Nature

Being aware of the rhythms of the seasons can be a mindful practice. Further, tuning into our senses each season can ground us and bring us into the present moment.

Sensing the Seasons

Our senses help us to reconnect to our bodies when our minds are worrying about the future or rehashing what happened earlier in the day or week. Soothing the senses is a way of becoming more present with ourselves.  

Autumn is a rich time to attune to our senses and notice the changes happening in nature. Plants and trees produce nuts, seeds and fruits before transferring energy to their roots to prepare for colder weather. Leaves begin to break down chlorophyl, revealing beautiful colors, and finally fall to the ground. Birds begin flocking together. Days grow shorter; nights grow longer. 

After spending time in nature or by using a nature treasure you find, take a moment to bring awareness to each of your senses:

What do you notice? 

What do you see?
What do you feel?
What do you hear?
What do you smell?
What do you taste (if appropriate)?

You may want to enrich this experience by writing a senses poem, which could be done any time of the year!

[Autumn] looks like…
Autumn feels like…
Autumn sounds like…
Autumn smells like…
Autumn tastes like…

For an inspiring poetry book that follows the seasons, explore:
Sing a Song of Seasons: Nature Poetry for Each Day of the Year

Take time to give thanks for the gifts of your senses.  
Treat them with kindness and care.

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