Nature & Me

Nature Nurtures

Soulful Seasons was born of my desire to share my own experiences of connecting with nature and creating art as self care. I essentially reincarnated this blog (after an 8-year hiatus) in which I wrote reflections on how my observations of nature informed and inspired my personal growth.

I have always felt a deep connection with the small creatures around me. I have befriended the birds and bunnies in my yard. I help caterpillars and snails cross greenways safely. I delight in the squirrels who take naps on my deck railing.

The Sunning Squirrel

For our homeschool a few years ago, I focused on nature study for my son’s kindergarten. This was such a sweet and sacred time for both of us. I found that a more formal study of nature and looking at the natural world through my child’s eyes was a deeply grounding and healing experience. And together we strive to nurture nature in some way each day as it nourishes us.

My hope is that I can share some of this sweetness and light with you.

Honor a Snail’s Pace

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